radius-common-pw . To specify a common password to be used for all users who are accessing this RADIUS authorization server through this security appliance, use the radius-common-pw command in AAA-server host mode. key is specific to a client (i.e. client is a device) you create on the Radius server. Hope that answers your question. thanks. Rizwan Rafeek

RADIUS ESP Authentication – Kemp Support The Shared Secret is a text string that serves as a password between the LoadMaster and the RADIUS server. 7. Decide whether or not to enable the Send NAS Identifier check box. If this check box is disabled (default), a Network Access Server (NAS) identifier is not sent to the RADIUS server. If it is enabled, a NAS identifier string is sent to Shared Secrets - RADIUS [Book] A secret of that length is virtually impossible to crack with brute force. The same set of best practices that dictate password usage also govern the proper use of RADIUS shared secrets. Shared secrets (commonly called just “secrets”) are unique to a particular RADIUS client and server pair. DeployHappiness | Two Network Policy Server Tricks Aug 13, 2015 SecureAuth IdP RADIUS Server v2.3.8 Integration Guide

Enabling RADIUS Server Authentication. This section include many different types of RADIUS server configuration and related procedures. Configuring RADIUS Server Username and Password Authentication. In this example, an external RADIUS server is used to authenticate management users. Upon authentication, users are assigned the default role root.

Hi Does anyone know what the maximum length is you can use for the new Radius Server Secret?I've tried 128 but got failures - unfortunately the secret field does not allow me to see /scroll ? Also what length do people recommend the Secret should be ? 1. In the RADIUS Server Settings section, input the Shared Secret that was entered in the management console of the RADIUS client. The Authentication Port number 1812 appears by default. 2. (OPTIONAL) In the Syslog Settings section, specify whether to Enable Syslog Logging. NOTE: The standard Syslog Protocol RFC5424 is supported. 3. Click the Add a RADIUS Server link. Enter your RADIUS Host IP Address. Enter the RADIUS Port that the MX Security Appliance will use to communicate to the NPS server. The default port is 1812. Enter the RADIUS Shared Secret (established when the MX was added as an authenticator). Click Save changes.

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