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7 Ways to Monitor Shared Folders For Who Modified or Whenever a file on the shared folder which you have enabled auditing is deleted, it will be logged and can be viewed from Event Viewer. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Expand Windows Logs and click on Security. The event below is an example of a file x-ray.exe being deleted from the shared folder by the Mapped Drive Loosing Connection after 6 to 8 hours Feb 03, 2012

This event with a “Source Network Address” of “LOCAL” will also be generated upon system (re)boot/initialization (shortly after the preceding associated Event ID 21). TL;DR: Indicates successful RDP logon and shell (i.e. Windows GUI Desktop) start, so long as the “Source Network Address” is NOT “LOCAL”.

Event ID 27 is pretty large if you don't know the name for source. You can check for Event ID# 10400, Source = NDIS. The other way that I found will workdisconnect the wire/wireless and then re-enable. Check the event viewer immediately and you'll see the events related to the disconnect. FIX: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller is disconnected

when will the event get raised i just run mi program and disconnected the network cable but nothing happens. im not able to raise the event will u send ur code .actually it is working in doesnt get raised in c# below is mycode:

Windows 10 Repeatedly Disconnects Network Drives | MCB Systems Aug 19, 2016 c# - how to get an event whenever the network cable is im doing an application in which im transfering file through FTP.i succesfully done all the things to transfer files and i want to know how to get an event whenever the the network cable is connected or disconnected while im transfering a file. Solved: AnyConnect VPN session disconnect and r - Cisco Once you are done with this, initiate the anyconnect connection and let the problem occur. Once the problem occurs, disconnect the anyconnect client and run the dart logs. It will create a Zip file on your desktop (by default) and you can go through the Anyconnect connection logs to look for the root cause. Let me know if this helps. Vishnu