Jul 06, 2018

Are you using IPV6,here is how to How to Change to google public DNS servers to boost your internet speed.IPV6 is a 128 Bit address and its settings differ form normal IpV4 configuration of dns.This procedure also applies for changing dns address in IPv4.. Advantage of using Google Public DNS servers : #You can increase your internet speed and get updated DNS information by changing to Google How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack Jul 13, 2017 WiFi Password & Mobile Data - IPv4, DNS Changer Version 1 WiFi Password & Mobile Data - IPv4, DNS Changer The DNS changer supports WIFI and cellular, Ethernet network and IPv4 address https://play.google.com/store/a

IPv6 termination for HTTP(S), SSL Proxy - Google Cloud

dns-server in ipv6 dhcp pool - Cisco Community As currently, you are using the dual-stack network (IPv4 and IPv6) in your lab and didn't assign the IPv6 address to the DNS server so it is ok, you will use only IPv4 DNS server. But as you mentioned that you want to migrate or use IPv6 network only then we recommend you first migrate your important servers and services in the IPv6 address as

I'm traying to use different DNS servers with the private LAN (Google DNS) and for the Public Wifi DMZ (Open DNS) so I can filter. Open DNS does not currently support ipv6 category blocking so I have to keep that network ipv4 now all the while i'm looking to make the private LAN IPV6 with Google DNS.

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