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Undernet Forum • View topic - [Help] Hide my IP (+x user Sep 04, 2008 mIRC Crack 7.61 With Serial Key + Keygen mIRC Crack is a powerful Internet relay chat client used by millions of people and thousands of organizations to communicate, share, play, and work with each other on IRC networks around the world. The full version of mIRC keygen has a clear and practical interface which is very configurable and supports features such as contact lists, file transfers, multi-server connections, IPv6, SSL Hide IP address in IRC Solutions | Experts Exchange Now if you find an IP address of a SOCKS firewall you can try to connect to IRC via that firewall on port 1080 (it can be set in mIRC Setup, Firewall tab). The only practical issue is to find a SOCKS firewall. One should scan certain IP range looking for the addresses that accept connection on port 1080.

In general, you can’t achieve any additional security by trying to hide things that weren’t designed to be hidden. IP addresses, wireless SSIDs, hostnames—these are all identifiers, and by definition, an identifier is intended to be known. Efforts to hide them generally …

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To hide your hostname/IP address, see below. Note that you must log in with your username at least once every 60 days or the username will be deleted. Also note that the only way to logout is to /quit and reconnect, Cloaks do not effectively hide your IP. Cloaks can help obscure your IP address/hostname from casual observers, but should not be relied upon for that purpose, as they are not reliable: Connecting before identifying to NickServ (or whilst services are unavailable due to a netsplit or maintenance) will show your uncloaked IP/hostname. How do you hide your IP address in IRC (using MIRC) 14 posts UngerAynRand. Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Oct 1, 2001. Posts: 619. Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2001 5:04 pm ok i really need to know how to hide my ip on mirc cuz i know u can and that is how people hack ur [censored] so man can i hide it i got a firewall n virus software but i just wanna know how to hide my ip in mircthanx and all the help is greatly appreciatedgod bless the world