Dec 15, 2017 · Why Apple iPhones Don't Need Antivirus Softw.are. You've been conditioned to believe every device needs antivirus software, but that rule isn't true for Apple's iPhones and iPads. So, while many

Oct 23, 2018 · None! You don’t need an antivirus for your iPhone or iPad. In fact, any “antivirus” apps you see advertised for iPhones aren’t even antivirus software. They’re just “security” programs that can’t actually protect you from malware. Jun 22, 2020 · Your iOS devices may not need antivirus software in the traditional sense, but there are plenty of other threats out there online, and Trend Micro Mobile Security tries to combat them all. Built-in Nov 01, 2018 · While you might not need an antivirus for iphone, it still makes sense to be vigilant to prevent issues down the road. Your iPhone is not immune to all threats. Avast Mobile Security for iOS isn’t about unnecessary antivirus or malware protection. It’s about staying safe every time you go online with free, innovative tools designed just for your iPhone and iPad.

May 07, 2020

Sep 14, 2014 Do You Need Antivirus Apps on Android? What About iPhone Aug 15, 2019

At the very beginning of the existence of iOS Apple has forbidden security companies to make antiviruses for iOS because they were branding it as a virus proof operating system.

Jun 25, 2017