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VPN is an add-on option, not everyone uses that. Just tell the buyer that you never used VPN at all, there's no "number" If she wants the IMEI number, that is valid. With that she can validate with a provider that the phone will work on their service. Also, it can be checked to make sure the phone … I would like telephone support. What is your phone number We unfortunately do not offer support by phone. Our support team is always available by email, live chat or social media. If they cannot solve your problem, our developers are ready to assist with any technical problems through TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a program that … recover account with no recovery gmail or phone number I created my gmail account but deleted phone number afterwards and didn't add recovery email.I changed password to my gmail account and forgot to take a screenshot of "saved passwords" after some days I cleared my chrome history and saved passwords.Later I was unable to sign in because I forgot password. Because of some issues in windows I reinstalled it as a result Chrome was reinstalled again.

recover account with no recovery gmail or phone number

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What is the use of a VPN number? - Quora If you mean VPN’s IP by VPN number, VPNs are used to hide yourself inside a network. You are able to connect to a network (internet) by using IP address of your device. Thus, other people on the network can discover you by your IP (it is like a ph VPN IP Phone: Authentication Failed - Cisco Community Hi, I´m configuring the new VPN Phone feature with a CCM, IP Phone 7942 (Firmware: SCCP42.9-0-3S) and a ISR 2811 12.4(24)T3 Advance IP Services as SSL VPN Server. When the IP Phone tries to connect from internet, the phone prompts the username and …